BANDIDO is a Motion Design and animation studio from the existentialist mind of Director José Teixeira.

A Man Called Death

+Short film     +Animation 

Punk is not Dead -  A short film by Bandido. It follows Death, a man that fights his way up the systemic, social-economic ladder, with the goal of breaking the system Down and solve the maze of power.  

I am the Soul caster, life giver, underground summoner of new living pictures.

Mézame - EMDR Therapy

+Brand Video + Explainer +Animation

The eyes are a portal to our mind’s Garden - A Deep dive into the depths of trauma looking to shine a light on the positive impacts of therapy. Directed for the American therapeutical brand Mezamé, this was a human challenge, creating an explainer where the data is trauma, therapy, and human emotion.

OASIS - Hire a Quitter

+Campaign     +Social shorts      +Brand Awareness

A journey towards the light - is the conceptual drive behind  this series of 4 short form animations for Oasis Addiction Recovery Society is a non-profit organization in Toronto, providing post-treatment employment focused programs for hundreds of people every year in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

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