Bandido is anchored in Nature and built from the unexpected details of all things universal.


        “Bandido was born and entrapped in a box of normalcy",where it decided to remain for as little timeas possible – none if it could. It dug out of that square into the creative universe even before it could find way around animation.


His first attempt at existing "how to learn the way of doing things" was written by allowing the man behind the wheel, a fresh graduate, to co-found a small experimental production house – Husma,lda . There he learnt the basics, like how to manipulate time and space. Inspired by The Portuguese writer Miguel Torga "OalmaGrande" Was one of the biggest challenges and started a long lasting collaboration with teatro de marionetas do Porto experimenting with animation being used as an enhancer for the puppet theatre.


Once that experimentation box, too, had become too small he took the young director and his freelancer portfolio (Sony Xperia) and went on to start AIM "how to consolidate the knowledge of the business". He learnt flow and creation during this time, how to guide, direct and create identity, signature and results. Aim became a place for evolving and developing identity further working in cool projects for sony, todoist, Nescafé, Code Academy, TedEd, Kiehls, At&T, skoda and more, Gradually started to work interesting projects tackling social awareness with Great Projects for NGO's , RNW media, Love Matters or Ashoka. It was also here that bandido started his journey on independent/author filmmaking Producing and doing Creative management on art films. Mr.Passenger and D.Fradique (Zepe)


José Teixeira the seasoned creative director arrived at a crossroads where experience meets ambition and the need for something new, more complex, more nuanced, arises. Bandido is reborn in the fourth chapter of the story to be a truly design-driven studio, committed to creating new tools and redesigning foundations based on each individual project's needs; where every movement is a new movement, based on the unexpected universal details of everything. "Achieving liberation through metamorphosis."


Headed by José Pedro Teixeira, Bandido is a design-driven animation studio, a lab of sorts, exploring Characters and stories, through Art, Design and Technology for the sake of animation.